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Digital HD Source
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Digital HD Source
Digital HD Source
Digital HD Source

A-200 HDTV indoor antenna

Home  A-200 HDTV indoor antenna
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Range suggested for this antenna is: Yellow ~ Red 1-40 Miles

  • VHF/UHF Reception digital hdtv antenna
  • Built in super low noise amplifier
  • Comes with A/C adapter and 3' RG6 Calbe
  • Receive Range: VHF/UHF/FM
  • UHF Gain = 25db
  • VHF Gain = 20db
  • Power = 3 W
  • Frequency UHF = 45-860 MHz
  • Impedance = 75
  • Turning = 90
  • Max. output level = 95 dbu
  • Working Voltage = 110v/60Hz
  • DC input = 12 V

    Please keep in mind: Actual result can be different from location to location, since DTV broadcast are land based and subject to ˇ°line of sightˇ±. The 150 miles mark can be reached in optimal conditions only. For more help on your physical location please visit
    Unlike other venders that only care about selling you the item, we here at want our customers to pick the right antenna in order to receive the maximum amount of free digital stations as possible. As not one antenna will work for everyone, picking the right one for your location is the key. By using the following steps you will have a good idea of which type of antenna is best for you. If you TV is not an UHF ready digital TV, please upgrade with an Digital TV converter box For more help please feel free to call one of our experts at: 626-239-7226

    Help me chose what is best for me at my location:
    Step 1. Click blow map chart and enter your zip code
    Step 2. = Indoor Antenna
    Step 3. = Outdoor Antenna

  • Digital HD Source