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Orca Antenna AX-909-G2 Review

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Orca Antenna AX-909-G2 Review:
  • Products Build: This is a light weight small size outdoor antenna, first looks to be unimpressive vs. large Omni directional traditional outdoor antenna. More like a small satellite dish then an antenna. Different from the AX-906-G2 is its front bar design and it just feels sturdier. 4/5
  • Installation: Very few parts, easy to install and small enough for attic or roof top. 5/5
  • Function: Directional antenna with motorized control unit by remote, best used for long range outdoor setting. Just point to the source and grabs all UHF/VHF/FM signals. G2 control unit is new in the industry, which give the user the option of turning up or down the amplification/noise (used for short range broad cast stations or longer ranged stations). If living in city areas, for the best reception with no line of sight issue, can plug antenna direct into TV as a passive antenna with no power. 5/5
  • Signal: Surprisingly the Orca Antenna AX-906-G2 produced better receptions in medium range to long range then larger traditional outdoor antennas. Thanks to an industry high gain of +36 db. Problem is with high amplification is noise level also increases (interference and distortion can be a result), antenna need to be installed 3 feet + away from any electric devices. The double wing, dish net deign are also new to this type of antenna and from information by Orca Antenna it attracts 20% more signals. Even with the G2 unit, this antenna is not for short range use. Option for short range use is to plug antenna direct to the TV without the power unit. 4/5

    Digital HD Source grade: 4.5/5
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