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Antenna reviews

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Here at Digital HD Source, we like our customers to know what we know. And share information about products we sale to insure, our customers orders the right item every time. Following reviews are tested results of Digital HD Source, results can be different from location, and settings.

Here is a User installation review video of our Orca AX-909G2.3 digital HDTV antenna that we found on You tube, from one of the many Orca antenna owners. This is 100% unbiased video. By user on hand experience show that he was able to pickup stations from 157 miles away! This antenna is trade marked and trade dressed in USA. (Miles is just a indication of power level, as all locations different from one another so results are also different from location to location.)

Orca Antenna1 Orca Antenna2 Orca Antenna3 Orca Antenna4 Orca Antenna5