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Orca AX912 Indoor Antenna Review

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Orca AX912 Review 10-28-2011:
We have tested many indoor antennas and due to their size and power level there is not much to review about, as most only usable within 40 miles of broadcast. But to our surprise the Orca AX912 indoor antenna show to be almost as powerful as many of outdoor antenna we have tested. Under our test location warehouse, this antenna was able to pickup stations over 80 miles away! That is unheard of for an small indoor antenna. We suggest this antenna for those of you that need powerful antenna but cant use an outdoor antenna. Only down side we find with this antenna is; with its over size booster it can be too powerful for stations that is within the 20 miles range. But this problem can be fixed by unplugging the power cord, which then bypass the build in booster for passive stable signal boosting of 10 db.

Orca AX912 Score: 4.5/5
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