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Orca Long Range Outdoor Digital HD TV Antenna Talos 1080p

Home  Digital HDTV Antennas Orca Long Range Outdoor Digital HD TV Antenna Talos 1080p
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Orca Long Range Outdoor Digital HD TV Antenna Talos 1080p
Digital HD Source
Orca Long Range Outdoor Digital HD TV Antenna Talos 1080p
Digital HD Source
Orca Long Range Outdoor Digital HD TV Antenna Talos 1080p
Orca Long Range Outdoor Digital HD TV Antenna Talos 1080p

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The new Orca Talos Yagi tv antenna is one of the best long range digital tv antenna on the market. Top engineers designed the Orca Talos to be the best performing tv antenna of its class. With its new design, setting up this tv antenna has never been easier. Yagi style tv antennas, like the Orca Talos, are best known for their high gain, which is best suitable for great tv reception. This style tv antenna has been popular since the early 1900s. Adding current technology, we have improved Yagi antennas and made them stronger than ever.

  • The easy one pull install, setup in 10 min
  • Most advanced designed Ya Gi Antenna for HDTV reception
  • Wide reflection exterior, triple, powerful
  • Up to 80+ Miles reception

    Easy, One Step Installation
  • Receive Range: VHF/UHF/FM
  • UHF Gain = 15~18db
  • VHF Gain = 15~18db
  • Frequency UHF = 470-860 MHz
  • Impedance = 75

    We are proud of the Orca antenna as one of the bestselling antenna in USA, and our customers also feel the same. With over one million units sold, we are lowing the price, to help get this great product into more customersí homes.

    No more cable bills and receive clear HDTV programing like NBC, Fox, ABC, PBS, CW, Qubo, Telemundo, Univision, RTV, This TV, Ion, Me TV, and many more all for free! Get all the news, weather, sports, music, movies and much more.

    Depending on your location and line of sight, the number channels may vary. But many of our customers are reporting to us that they are receiving 20 ~ 115 digital channels. Bigger cities have higher chance to picking up more of the stations listed above.

    Yes, it works anywhere in the USA, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Canada & Mexico.
    Yes, this is a dual-band antenna and will pick up all the channels 2 - 69. (BEWARE...most others on eBay are not!)
    The antenna will work with all TV signals. This antenna is the perfect solution for customers wanting to watch free HD channels. Most all of our customers in large media markets receive over 30 crystal clear digital channels.
    Yes, you can use you add more cable if a longer run is needed. Works with any standard F connector coaxial cables. (If you need more cable, let us know and we can add it to your order)
    Yes, you can pickup the new digital signals and any low powered analog signals in your area.
    Yes, this antenna will work with your digital converter box or TV set with digital tuner.
    Yes, it is true that over-the-air antenna digital tv provides the clearest razor sharp HD picture.
    Yes, you can use this antenna along with current cable or satellite tv provider to get free over-the-air digital hd.
    Yes, you can install this antenna anywhere. The antenna receives power via the coaxial cable from the control box plugged in inside the home. No external power supply is needed.
    Yes, this antenna has a "no wrap feature", which prevents the cable from wrapping around the pole & getting damaged. (BEWARE... Nearly all other antennas do not have this feature.)
    Yes, you can install the antenna in your attic if you live in harsh weather areas.
    Yes, you can hook up as many TV sets you need with the use of a simple coaxial splitter.
    Yes, every TV connected to the antenna can watch different channels.
    Yes, the antenna will work at your cabin, camp site, RV, camper, boat, home, office place. Works nearly everywhere!

    Not only are those old VHF uneasy to the eye itís also very heavy and hard to install, most of all with todayís digital reception the old VHF antennas are just out of date. Today a UHF antenna offers easy to install, strong digital signal reception and long range detection.

    Unlike other venders that only care about selling you the item, we here at want our customers to pick the right antenna in order to receive the maximum amount of free digital stations as possible. As not one antenna will work for everyone, picking the right one for your location is the key. By using the following steps you will have a good idea of which type of antenna is best for you. If you TV is not an UHF ready digital TV, please upgrade with an Digital TV converter box For more help please feel free to call one of our experts at: 626-239-7226

    Range suggested for this antenna is: Red ~ Violet 40-80 Miles

    Description: Please keep in mind: Actual result can be different from location to location, since DTV broadcast are land based and subject to line of sight. The 150 miles mark can be reached in optimal conditions only. For more help on your physical location please visit

    Help me chose what is best for me at my location:

    Step 1. Click blow map chart and enter your zip code
    Step 2. = Indoor Antenna
    Step 3. = Outdoor Antenna

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